Driving Demand

Leveraging market trends is what we do.

Some companies drive demand by leveraging significant macro business trends. Others depend on their infrastructure and core technology. And still others draw on their powerful legacy. At Ryder we do all three – and as our record shows, it’s working.

In our 80-year history, it would be hard to find a time when Ryder was better positioned to drive demand. Current trends in the economy and in the transportation and logistics markets point toward an increase in outsourcing. Combined with ongoing improvements to Ryder’s business model, the quality of our people and breadth of our resources, it’s clear that demand for our services is growing.

The potential logistics outsourcing market is huge – only 11% of the North American market has been tapped. Shippers are confronting an increasing number of challenges, making outsourcing an alternative that’s difficult to ignore. There’s a variety of reasons for this.

  • Deferred vehicle replacement activity has resulted in record fleet aging – this should lead to increased truck sales in the coming years.
  • The cost and complexity of complying with government regulations such as EPA mandated engine technology changes and CSA continues to increase.
  • The dynamic nature of sourcing strategies continues to increase the complexity of managing supply chains.
  • Some companies have limited access to capital while others are more inclined to focus their investment dollars in their core business.
  • Attracting and retaining qualified drivers continues to be a challenge.

Businesses value Ryder’s offerings in light of the complexity and cost involved in managing supply chain and transportation operations. With Ryder’s proven capabilities, industry expertise and customized solutions, businesses increasingly understand the competitive edge that distinguishes Ryder.

Demand is also driven by Ryder’s commitment to upgrading our infrastructure, particularly in information technology. We’re strengthening our platform and remain committed to having the best customer-facing technology in the industry. We are leveraging new, agile, scalable IT systems and developing solutions that are broadly deployable across multiple industries. These changes optimize efficiency, improve productivity and enhance customer communication.

Perhaps most important in driving demand is Ryder’s legacy. The power and broad appeal of the Ryder brand – reflecting more than eight decades of evolution, focused growth and abiding customer commitment – cannot be overstated. Our reputation for delivering customer value, operational excellence and innovation is the ultimate driver of growth. Our deep industry expertise, best-in-class talent and constant willingness to evolve our company, organization and infrastructure enable us to remain one of the most responsive companies in the world.